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Pumpkins, Corn Stalks, and Mums, Oh My!

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Fall is here and you may have noticed that your neighbours have started decorating their homes with the colours of the season! That’s why we’ve created a helpful guide to assist you in achieving a similar look!

Disconnect to Reconnect

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We all want to look back on our summers and reminisce on the memories made, laughs we shared, and celebrated moments that will never be forgotten. When in Middlesex County, adventure and escape await within our charming communities offering everything from fairs and festivals, to natural sites and must-see scenic views. Simple escapes like these are important to cherish, but can be so easily missed, especially with the distraction of electronics that often keep us from being present. This summer we challenge you to a day away from your screens…a day of disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself and those you care about in Middlesex County. Whether you’re personally trying to cut back on screen-time, looking to get the kids outdoors, or looking to challenge yourself, were setting you up for success with our full day itinerary, which lists a few of our favourite activities, each ranging in category, and no electronic devices required!