A couple drinking beer

If you’ve got an appreciation for that first sip feeling of a quality beer or trying out unique micro-brews appeals to you, you’ll want to stop in at one of our local breweries for a case of the latest label.


Who doesn't love fresh, Ontario apples? That’s why Heeman’s Hard Cider was created, so you can sip, share, and enjoy the taste of fresh, local apples with the ones you love!

Strathroy Brewing Company

Brewed with an exquisite blend of the finest hops, non-GMO malts and bottle conditioned – like champagne – producing an unmistakable fresh taste, majestic frothy head and vivacious effervescence.

Vintners of Kilworth

Vintners of Kilworth was established in 1993 and has been the center of Kilworth's wine making community ever since.