Arts & Heritage

Two people at a museum

Step back in time in the rich history of the County. Explore the many historic sites and buildings and discover the local stories from our museums. Look through the colourful patterns of the Barn Quilt Trails. Immerse yourself in the past as you learn about pioneer settlements, significant battles and events through the Heritage Trail. Discover our local artists and bring home a unique piece of the County with you.  


Middlesex’s rich historical background has inspired many local artists. For viewing or to purchase, there are several art studios throughout the county for you to choose from.

Barn Quilts & Murals

Middlesex County is home to a series of barn quilts (painted wood quilt squares) and murals installed at various locations emphasizing significant architecture, history and/or aesthetic landscapes.  Each painting has its own story to tell about the people, places and events that took place in Middlesex County.

Heritage Trail

Start your historical journey by following the established Heritage Trail that has preserved the history of the many people, places and events that are uniquely significant to Middlesex. The historic significance has been captured in the signs that you will find along your journey, containing stories of battles over sovereignty, pioneer settlements, the once prosperous oil industry, historical buildings and events of yesteryear.


Middlesex’s museums bring the past to life! Rare artifacts and memorabilia provide insight into the community and its settlers.  Stories of families and their heritage preserved, recreated and displayed creating an opportunity for you to step back in time.