Man canoeing in the fall

With a park in almost every town, you can spend endless hours taking in Middlesex County’s breathtaking beauty.   You choose your mode of discovery - by foot, bike, boat, snowshoe or skis and these destinations will provide you and generations to come to an alluring place to discover.

Ausable River

The Ausable River flows through much of Northwest Middlesex and is one of the most biologically diverse rivers in Canada. The river runs through a forested corridor with Carolinian species such as Black Maple, Eastern Flowering Dogwood, Chinquapin Oak, and Sycamore follows the winding valley for about 15 km.

Dorchester Mill Pond

The Dorchester Mill Pond is a beautiful Carolinian forest, including black cherry and white oak. The Dorchester Mill Pond is also home to many different species of birds and mammals including cottontails, raccoons and white tail deer.

Dorchester Swamp

The Dorchester Swamp, part of the Provincially-recognized Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, offers a variety of microclimates and moisture conditions and is home to many rare plants and birds.

Joanys Woods

Joany’s Woods is a conservation area that is included in Carolinian Canada’s Ausable River Valley Site and is part of the Provincially-recognized Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI).

Rotary Memorial Trail

The Rotary Club of Strathroy Memorial Trail was established to honor Rotary members who have passed away. The trail connects with the Conservation Authority's trail system creating a city-wide public trail system.

Strathroy Conservation Area

The Strathroy Conservation Area is located within the Town of Strathroy and includes a 3 km nature trail through a beautiful floodplain forest.