Joanys Woods

joanys woods showcasing the forest with a hint of sunlight peeking through the tree branches
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Thames Talbot Land Trust

Middlesex County


Joany’s Woods is a conservation area that is included in Carolinian Canada’s Ausable River Valley Site and is part of the Provincially-recognized Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI). It is the second most important Carolinian botanical site in Middlesex, next to Skunk’s Misery. Joanys Woods has two public trails – the Ivey Trail (4.4 km) and the Inch Trail (3.2 km). Along these trails you will find hardwood swamps, mature upland and lowland forest, scrubby areas and a number of sizable plantations. Joany’s Woods is accessible at the south end from County Road 7 (Elginfield Road) and at the north end from Boot Hill Road.