Dorchester Swamp

dorchester swamp with a turtle on a log in the water
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Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

Middlesex County


The Dorchester Swamp, part of the Provincially-recognized Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, offers a variety of microclimates and moisture conditions and is home to many rare plants and birds. The diverse plant communities include: mixed swamp forest, bog, shrub thicket, upland forest. The Dorchester Swamp also contains flora representative of different regions across Canada including: Pitcher Plants, Sundew, and Tamarack, Slippery Elm, Bitternut Hickory, and Witch-hazel, Manitoba Maple and Silky Dogwood as well as Yellow Birch, Hemlock, and Eastern White Cedar.

Covering approximately 1,354 acres, the Dorchester Swamp is located 3 km south-east of the Village of Dorchester, and is crossed by highways 401 and 73. The trail entrance can be located on the south side of the 401 at Highway 73.