The Sweet Story Behind the Frozen Cow

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frozen cow ice cream

Whether your guilty pleasure is delicious blue bubblegum, rich & creamy Death by Chocolate or the classic fan favorite Moose Tracks, indulge your sweet tooth when visiting The Frozen Cow. Located at 32 Mill Road, Dorchester Ontario, this Middlesex County gem supplies an array of endlessly smooth and flavorful ice cream options, sorbets, ice cream cakes alongside many other frozen treats, but it’s their exceptional story and customer service that will be sure to make this place a family favourite!

Throughout his childhood, 20 year-old Tanner Zelenko, owner of The Frozen Cow, always dreamed of running his own business. Born and raised in the Municipality of Thames Centre, Zelenko opened The Frozen Cow in 2017 at the age of 16 years old! Zelenko grew up surrounded by an entrepreneurial spirit; helping out both his father and grandmother with their businesses. It was only a matter of time before he found his interest in creating The Frozen Cow.  This young entrepreneur has always had a passion for business and thrives off living a busy life, and his ability to open his own business while excelling in his extracurricular activities and education falls nothing short of an amazing achievement.

When asked what life is like as a young entrepreneur within the County, Zelenko said “I cannot imagine opening my business anywhere else.” With contribution from his local Council, municipality, and access to local resources, Zelenko appreciates the community’s value for small town businesses within Middlesex County, and the ample support he has received.

Although opening your own ice cream shop at 16 years old sounds like any kid’s dream come true, Tanner acknowledges that being a young entrepreneur required a significant amount of planning, back tracking, support and plan B’s. He mentions “because I was 16, no one wanted to rent to me…I had a hard time opening a bank account…and I wasn’t able to accept credit or debit cards at such a young age”. Despite it all, Zelenko wouldn’t change a single thing if he had the chance. He describes his journey as a young entrepreneur as “nothing but great.” Through meeting new people, attending many leadership and business conferences and becoming a role model for young individuals, Tanner has viewed every experience as an opportunity to continuously learn. He believes anyone thinking of doing the same thing should “go for it!”

As businesses big and small have faced many challenges relating to COVID-19, Zelenko is proud to acknowledge the perseverance of The Frozen Cow throughout this time and is grateful that ice cream has become a popular ‘escape’ for much of the community. With the hot summer weather upon us, Zelenko is excited to announce the addition of four new staff members, alongside some delicious new flavors such as Juicy Orange Sorbet and Pistachio Almond ice cream! Be sure to check out The Frozen Cow for all your ice cream and frozen treat cravings, and look out for Summer 2022, as The Frozen Cow is striving for success and working towards opening a second location!