Making it in Middlesex: Stories of Business Success - Kustermans Adventure Farm

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In the past, Middlesex Economic Development and Tourism has created long form, business profile videos, featuring 8 businesses each year; one located in each of our local municipalities. This year however, we wanted to take this project in a bit of a new direction, featuring shorter videos of 4 Middlesex County businesses; accompanying these videos with an interview style write up. We’ve named this project, “Making it in Middlesex: Stories of Business Success” and below you will find the first of the 4 features that make up the new series. The first feature of the series highlights a unique and interesting agri-tourism based business called Kustermans Adventure Farm. We invite you to read more below, check out the video. Look out for the next 3 features of the series, which will be released in the months to follow. 

Purchased in 1979, the land on which Kustermans Adventure Farms sits has been in the Kustermans family for over 40 years! CEO of the business, Steve Kustermans describes that after his father purchased the farm, he planted both blueberries and strawberries, things that still form a large part of the business today. When Steve graduated from Ridgetown, he moved back home, increased the production of the farm and the business has been growing and evolving ever since! In the video linked below Steve does a great job of highlighting some of the unique offerings that make Kustermans a popular spot for many different visitors! The questions and answers below provide a closer look at what this Middlesex County gem is all about!

So, how have Kustermans’ food offerings changed over the years?

Well, we now offer strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and we also do pumpkins. In 2010, we put up a market where we sell fresh baked pies, waffles with homemade blueberry sauce, ice cream and many other goodies!

Can you tell us why you included the word “Adventure” in the business name? 

That’s because entertainment and fun for all ages is a huge part of our business. This is why, we’ve kept adding more to what we call the agri-tainment piece of our business every single year. We have tons of attractions that make us special. These include a zip line, jumping pillows, Diggerland, Hamster World, Peckin’ Piano. There’s a lot of different attractions for the kids to enjoy.

What are some of the different customer groups that your business serves?     

Well, we offer a lot of different services; we do school tours, birthday parties, corporate events, day camps. We also have the sunflower festival, which is pretty cool; walking through the sunflowers taking lots of selfies. One of the things we’re looking to do in the future is a splash pad. I think that’s going to help us grow business and people are asking for it, so I see a real need there.

Can you speak to what it means for Kustermans to be here in Middlesex County?       

Being in Middlesex County, the population’s growing which means you’re going to have more students and more staff available which has been great! Being close to London and the urban centre has been a benefit to us. We’re a good proximity to all areas, we have the 402 and 401 close by.

It’s great seeing families have fun together, the smiles on the kids, the laughter from the parents, and also education on the farming side. I think what we provide is very unique, and it’s interesting, and building attractions that are unique and interesting is something I really enjoy. – Steve Kusterman, CEO Kustermans Adventure Farms