Disconnect to Reconnect

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water trail

We all want to look back on our summers and reminisce on the memories made, laughs we shared, and celebrated moments that will never be forgotten. When in Middlesex County, adventure and escape await within our charming communities offering everything from fairs and festivals, to natural sites and must-see scenic views. Simple escapes like these are important to cherish, but can be so easily missed, especially with the distraction of electronics that often keep us from being present. This summer we challenge you to a day away from your screens…a day of disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself and those you care about in Middlesex County. Whether you’re personally trying to cut back on screen-time, looking to get the kids outdoors, or looking to challenge yourself, were setting you up for success with our full day itinerary, which lists a few of our favourite activities, each ranging in category, and no electronic devices required!

Your One-Stop Shop for Local Goods!

farmers market

Start your morning by supporting local! Head to your local Middlesex County farmers market and bring home locally sourced, in season produce and goods. Our local farmers markets happen every weekend until early fall and provide cost-effective, fresh, and flavorful goods for shoppers to purchase. Additionally, farmers markets encourage friendly interactions and community connections, so leave your phone at home as you’ll be too busy catching up with local neighbours, and deciding which vendor to visit next!

Create Healthy Habits


Health is wealth! Walk away from the electronics and head outdoors for some exercise or friendly competition! No matter the activity, you’re guaranteed to leave much happier, as exercising outdoors has shown to benefit your physical and mental health! Whether you’re practicing your golf swing, playing a game with friends, or looking for a social activity, spend some time outdoors and take advantage of the summer weather while it’s still here!

Hit the Trails

father and daughter biking on the trail

Prepare to unwind as you set out and explore Middlesex County’s lush forests found alongside pockets of bogs and ferns, rivers, and diverse array of plant and wild life. For our nature lovers, the County boasts an extensive variety of leisurely trails, where you can observe natural habitats, set sights on fascinating views, and listen for wildlife. For those looking for a new escape, our trails are the perfect place to catch up with friends, try out new hobbies like horseback riding or cross country skiing, or even set out on a solo stroll, listening to the sounds of surrounding nature.

Wind Down at Sundown 


Cap-off the day and infuse your passion for peace by catching the dazzling sunset before your eyes. Although sunsets might be the most ‘Instagram-worthy’ shot to take, Middlesex County’s rural surroundings make it a hot spot for catching soul-filling scenic views of warmth and comfort. These calming and timeless sights can be taken in from just about anywhere, and are the perfect way to end the night!

Where the Fun Happens

fairs and festivals

Eating popcorn, winning contest prizes, face painting, and Ferris wheels…Everyone dreams of festival season, where fun is front and centre, leaving visitors with delighted memories for life! Whether you prefer carnival food, friendly games, community cohesion, or a little bit of everything, Middlesex County’s fairs and festivals have something to keep the whole family engaged! You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun!  

All We Need is You

Now that you’re feeling inspired, set your phones aside, and take the opportunity to make the most of Middlesex County this summer. Our tight-knit communities make finding new adventures and creating new memories easier than you think, with activities being offered year-round, beautiful rural views at every corner, and an abundance of recreational space made for making memories. For more information on fun adventures and unique experiences, explore www.visitmiddlesex.ca!