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Middlesex County is home to a series of barn quilts (painted wood quilt squares) and murals installed at various locations emphasizing significant architecture, history and/or aesthetic landscapes.  Each painting has its own story to tell about the people, places and events that took place in Middlesex County.

big Irish quilt

George Ward Commemorative Barn Quilt Trail

Features: 30 pieces of rural art created by the proud residents of Wardsville. The barn quilt blocks tell a tale of George Ward and his wife Margaret.

Wardsville and area
Quilt Picture on building

Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail

Features: 60 pieces of rural art. This series of Barn Quilts tell the stories of the women and children during the War of 1812.

From Delaware to Wardsville – along Longwoods Road (#2 HWY)
painting of women canoeing

Native Women's Trail of Tears

Features: 31 pieces of rural art. This series of Barn Quilts
depict quilt blocks from the Native Women's Trail of Tears Quilt. They are powerful and timely representations of the First Nation warriors and their families lives under adversity during the time of Canda's beginning as a country.

French Quilt

North Middlesex and Ailsa Craig Murals

On a scenic paved pathway that is wheelchair accessible through Lions Park located in Ailsa Craig Ontario on Old Mill Street is a quilt block trail featuring international quilt blocks featured at the Ailsa Craig Community Quilt Festival. A quilt block from each festival is featured at Lions Park displaying the rich colours and artistic flavours of each country and was painted by community volunteers. The Ailsa Craig Community Quilt Festival has designed their own quilt block which is used on their promotional materials and this is the first block on the trail with each country block following in the order of the year they were displayed.To learn more about the annual Quilt Festival in Ailsa Craig.


Parkhill Murals

In addition to the beautiful murals in the downtown area of Ailsa Craig, two buildings in Parkhill featured professional murals in the past summer in 2014. One is located on the Hensall Co-op Building (formally known as the Franklin House, which was a hotel). The other mural is on the corner of Mill and Main Street on the Blessings Store.

Parkhill, Ontario
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