Conservation Areas

Group of people hiking through the trails

Some of the most breathtaking and adventurous Conservation areas within Ontario can be found in Middlesex County. As Conservation areas provide a space for the public to engage in many activities and immerse themselves in the essence of the outdoors, these protected areas are more than just a pretty place. Conservation areas aid in protecting forests, wetlands, plant and wildlife, and are home to a diverse array of upland and wetland plant communities, with some species known as globally rare! Get outside, get active and immerse yourself in the beautiful outdoors, it is certainly worth the visit!

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) is an independent, corporate body established, in 1946, under the Conservation Authorities Act in Ontario. This conservation authority proudly carries the banner of being the first of 36 conservation authorities formed across Ontario.

Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Kettle Creek Conservation Authority’s (KCCA) land use planning and regulations programs work together to ensure that human development occurs outside hazardous areas while maintaining our local natural resources. Because conservation authorities operate on a watershed basis, rather than according to municipal boundaries, watershed planning is the most effective and comprehensive approach to land use planning. KCCA’s involvement in land use planning helps to prevent human peril and property damage due to flooding and erosion, and protects natural areas, water quality and shorelines.

Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority is one of the 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario. It has jurisdiction over watersheds of all streams draining into the Thames River from Delaware to Lake St. Clair.

St. Clair Region Conservation Authority

The SCRCA works in partnership with municipalities to protect life and property through the development of programs that minimize or prevent the impact of disasters such as flooding and erosion.