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Clock Tower Inn/ Strathroy Ale House & Pub

Following a major renovation in the Spring of 2015, the Clock Tower Inn/Strathroy Ale House & Pub is taking the town by storm.  Combining old world charm and hospitality with out-of-this-world modern amenities, the eight boutique suites offer visitors all the comforts one could imagine, right in the heart of downtown.

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Texas Longhorn Ranch

Nestled in the Southwestern Ontario countryside, just west of London, you will find all the comforts and charm of Texas Longhorn Ranch.  Owners Fred and Gail Cahill and their staff amaze and pamper guests from around the world, as they bring “Texas to Middlesex".


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Earthen Elegance Floral

Walking through the doors of this shop on one of Middlesex County’s busiest Main Streets, will show you firsthand how it came to be named “Earthern Elegance”.



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Sabbe Tree Farm

Nestled in amongst the backdrop of Middlesex County’s resident Carolinian Forest, lies a gardener’s dream delight.  Whether you are an avid grower, or a homeowner looking to fill an empty space, a trip to Sabbe Tree Farm and Nursery is one worth taking.


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Arrowwood Farm

Amidst the 100 acres of beautiful woods, highbush blueberries and scenic gardens that make up Arrowwood Farm, lies the gem within known as The Harvest Table.