Tourism Initiative Sponsorship Application

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a visual of middlesex county swag and promotion items being handed out

Middlesex County, in its role as the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), is offering sponsorship as a means to foster partnerships between our local tourism stakeholders. The intention of “Visit Middlesex sponsorship” is to help stakeholders create new experiences that elevate community presence, attract new visitors, and support the local economy.

Only one sponsorship per year will be allocated to the same project. Applicants are reminded that all sponsorships are awarded on a year-by-year basis and are not to be considered as an ongoing source of funding. Eligible recipients include tourism operators, organizations, and lower-tier municipalities directly engaging in tourism initiatives. Sponsorship requests may not exceed 50% and/or $2500 of the cash budget per project and may not exceed $5,000 in total per operator/organization per year. Applications should be received a minimum of 30 days prior to proposed commencement of the project. Please submit your applications to @email along with any draft promotional materials for consideration. Complete eligibility criteria can be found on the application form